• Bonni Wildesen Hise

Superfoods: Dark Leafy Greens

Spinach, kale, romaine, microgreens, collards, swiss chard ... whatever your leafy green preference, these foods are known as the Supreme Kings of Super Foods!⁠

Their alkalizing effects help our bodies maintain proper pH, which neutralizes acidity. ⁠

Why does that matter?⁠

In an acidic state, our body is more vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, & other invaders. This is especially true of cancer cells. Free radicals mostly run rampant in an acidic body. ⁠

Their nutrient contents, such as magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and iron, help maintain digestive and elimination health. Additionally, they are packed full of fiber (both soluble & insoluble). That means they help scrub & absorb your intestine, which increases your body's ability to metabolize micronutrients & maximizes the active compounds of leafy greens.⁠


If you are not a regular consumer of leafy greens and other vegetables that are high in fiber contents, you want to slowly increase your consumption. Otherwise, you could create an overdose situation where your body reacts by offending those around you with stinky, spontaneous, uncontrollable gas. This also offends you, as it is often accompanied by cramping or discomfort. ⁠


Start with 1/2 to 1 cup for a few days, and then add an additional 1/2 to 1 cup every 2-3 days until you reach a total of approximately 2-3 C per day (not per meal!!!). ⁠

While they may not be as readily available as we'd like right now, there are so many leafy green options you shouldn't have too many issues finding something that helps contribute to boosting your immune system today.⁠

Some options include snagging frozen leafy greens and adding them in a smoothie, or taking fresh leafy greens and mixing a few beet greens into your scrambled eggs alongside bell peppers & onions ... a tasty, easy-to-prepare breakfast that's packed FULL of goodness for your body!⁠

Leafy greens of some sort can be found in the majority of your homes already! Don't let those greens spoil without using them.⁠

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