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My Favorite Base Oils

Over the years, my use of different base oils has expanded and I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with new options on a regular basis.  So far my favorite go-to base oils are sweet almond Prunus amygdalus var.dulcis, apricot kernel Prunus persica, and rose hips Rosa affinis rubiginosa oils.  These are not the only base oils available to you, however, for my personal use, these are just right!

My all-time favorite base oil for my face is rose hips oil.  It is extracted from the wild rose bushes in the valleys amongst the Andes Mountains in Chile.  (Rosa Mosqueto Rose Hip Oil. n.d.)  Rosehips is one of my favorites because of its ability to absorb well and feel almost dry to the touch.  I am not a fan of the oily feeling some oils provide, such as coconut or safflower.  The aroma reminds me of our visits with my grandmother to the Four Seasons in New York City.   Rosehip revitalizes dry skin and improves the quality of the skin's appearance.   I have personally noticed its ability to soften wrinkles and smooth damaged skin.  Last year I had noticeable acne and sun damage scars on my face; whereas this year, they are non-existent.  I have been using this oil for about two years.  Which tells me its effects occur over time.  One scar I noticed on my hand was my forks scar.  I had a fork land in my arm when I was 9, and it left four pinprick marks on my wrist.  Since I began using the Face The World Face and Body Oil with rose hips oil, it has almost erased this scar. I attribute these results to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids.  Rosehips include oleic, linoleic, and linoleic unsaturated fatty acids.  Rose hips oil is an excellent oil for those who suffer from eczema, burn victims, and those of us who have severe acne scarring.

The aroma of sweet almond oil, another of my favorites, reminds me of enjoying a hot cup of amaretto coffee at the beach.  The fact that is it appealing to just about everyone and so commonly used in blends makes it an easy go-to base oil for me.  Almond oil feels slightly more oily than rosehip oil, however, it is still very light.  As with rosehip oil, sweet almond oil is an excellent base for those suffering from eczema and has been known to soften wrinkles around the eyes.

Finally, apricot kernel oil, my third favorite base oil to use.  The aroma is extremely appealing to me, as is it's versatility.  Distilled from peaches, apricot kernel oil can be used for softening skin, and as a hair tonic.  There have been some reports that apricot kernel oil has helped thinning hair (MountainRose.com).  Apricot kernel oil feels similar to rose hips, as it absorbs quickly leaving no residue, and there isn’t much of an oily or greasy feeling to it. 

Sweet almond oil and apricot kernel are excellent generic base oils, however, those with nuts should avoid using almond oil.  Whereas, rose hips make an excellent base oil for skin conditions addressed using an essential oil blend.


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