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6-Month Healthy Transformation Mastermind

The Healthy Transformation Mastermind was created with independent thinkers and doers in mind.  Some of us want the convenience and assistance that private individual sessions offer, without the ongoing one-on-one time.  You also aren't too keen on participating in large groups either.

This Mastermind allows you to receive the guidance and education you are seeking without feeling overwhelmed.  Join us as we share one accountability and follow up web conference per month, plus biweekly speakers & ongoing support when you need it.

After you sign up, be sure to book your initial consultation using the private link in the email confirmations you receive.  Each member of the Mastermind receives a Private Initial Consultation to ensure I am very clear about your wishes, goals and how you prefer to interact and achieve goals. 

This group is limited to 6 people.  If you wish to share your Mastermind group with a friend or family member, please let me know & we will make sure you are placed together.

What People Are Saying:

“Imagine having a friend who not only understands your belly but KNOWS how to help it feel better. Or a friend who takes food seriously, both as a way to nourish and to HEAL your body, AND loves to share amazing, real-food recipes. Or a friend who hears all the excuses and listens to the desires beneath them. No.... you don't need a grown-up imaginary friend. You just need Bonni and Living Kleen. Thanks to the love and no-BS support I’ve gotten, I have finally figured out what makes my belly ache, and what to do about it. Losing weight was just a bonus. Seriously, I love food again. But I love Bonni more. *Current LK Family Member”

Kim M.

“Bonnie is a girl's girl and really understands us because she has been there. *Current LK Family Member”

Jen K.

“I started on Bonni's detox clean up plan 2.5 weeks ago and have lost over 11 pounds, my skin feels better, my brain seems clearer, and I am more confident. Over 11 pounds in 2.5 weeks. Call her now. Her recipes are so yummy and filling! Call... *Current LK Family Member”

Katherine B.

“Why aren't you here already? If you are trying to rekindle a relationship with food that doesn't feel like a bad episode of Jerry Springer, why aren't you already in the LK Club? Bonni is bright, informative, helpful and she's one of us. She can help with food allergies and sensitivities because she deals with them. Love to eat? Want to enjoy it without regret? Same with Bonni! This program is perfect for life at every level. It's here. Why aren't you? *Current LK Family Member”

Kimberly M.