3 Ways to Stop Overeating

Controlling your portions can help you avoid overeating as well as aid your digestion process - BONUS!

Fats DO NOT Make You Fat

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, someone said, “Fats made me fat, so I stopped eating them!” A group nearby overheard this and

Tips to Boost Strength in Men

Yes, we are going to chat about testosterone. That glorious, muscle-building hormone. But I'm not going to recommend that you take any...

Case Study: Purge the Cold

This week I woke up with the beginnings of a head and chest cold on Sunday, complete with the usual symptoms: congestion, coughing, and a so

An Herbal Solution for Insomnia

The ACHS Herbal Medicine textbook defines insomnia as: “a sleep disturbance that is characterized by difficulty getting to sleep, and/or

The Importance of Complete Proteins

Protein is one of the three macro-nutrients necessary to our body. It is vital for providing nitrogen and amino acids which is used to

A Case Study: Migraine Headaches

K.C. is a 29-year old, female who has been suffering from regular headaches and occasional migraines for the past six months. 

Herb Chicken Stock

Make Chicken Noodle Soup or continue to create a broth only.