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Founded in Frisco, LIVING KLEEN is a collaboration of professional Holistic Nutritionists, Fitness Trainers, Health Coaches & other Holistic Health Practitioners who specialize in nutritional therapy and healthy lifestyle education. Committed to forming relationships with clients looking to improve their health & overcome health challenges, LIVING KLEEN is always there for guidance and to reinforce healthy lifestyle habits.

Are you looking to make a change? LIVING KLEEN is here to set you on the path to good health. Browse through the site to see the variety of services offered to help you achieve your goals.

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Whispers turn into screams. Listening to our body allows us to hear those whispers to prevent & soothe those screams.  An intuitive approach guides us back to optimal health & the innate ability to hear the whispers our body sends.


To teach women how to understand their body's whispers & infuse energy, excitement & happiness back into their lives.


Our Specialties:

  • Digestive Wellness

  • Chronic Illnesses & Dysfunctions

  • Autoimmune Disorders

  • Food Allergies & Intolerance

  • Metabolic & Hormone Imbalances

  • Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning Made Easy

  • Diet and Detoxification

  • Elimination Diets

Eat Well to Be Well

My philosophy is simple: if you feed yourself well, you will feel well.  If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, eating well can (in some cases) reverse the illness.  Autoimmunity is benefited from a clean, natural, whole food diet by minimizing symptoms.  In some cases, autoimmune symptoms are rarely ever experienced when combined with a plant-based, whole food diet. 

Healthy food does not have to taste like cardboard!

Healthy food can taste delicious!  All you need are the right combination of foods, and a little strategy & you can maintain a consistently healthy diet.

It does NOT take FOREVER to make a healthy meal nor is it stressful!