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The fork is the most powerful tool in the world, what goes on the end can either heal or harm. 

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About Us

We use realistic approaches to heal , and achieve long term results & cessation of pain & suffering.

Living Kleen was born out of the drive to stop the large amount of misinformation and falsehoods by educating the public and helping people resolve body aches and pains.  Our programs deliver real life solutions using natural, organic and anti-inflammatory foods and strategies to overcome health issues.  Stop suffering, and start healing with our unique, personalized programs.

So many of us get so wrapped up in the stress of life that we neglect ourselves and ignore blossoming health issues.  Our passion is providing programs that help you make healthy life-changing modifications, without torture, deprivation or removing the foods and things you love.  We have found that even the smallest of steps can move mountains.  

What We Do

Heal the Gut to Heal the Body

The quality of the foods you eat can restore health & well being to a sick body.  Our gut holds the key to improving our immune system & when we treat it well, it can be our best friend.  Our programs are a step-by-step process designed to help you restore your gut, and heal your body using healthy eating

and exercise strategies that alleviate the side effects of chronic conditions.

Identify Triggers

Identifying food, physiological, and environmental triggers can feel extremely frustrating.  We specialized in using scientific methods to identify food sensitivities, allergies, adrenal and metabolic conditions that trigger inflammation. Our goal is to help you identify and make necessary dietary changes to eliminate inflammatory responses.

Heal Body Aches & End Suffering

Acne and other skin conditions, GI upset, gassiness, fatigue and depression or mood swings are symptoms of an imbalance in dietary micronutrient consumption.  Most times this occurs as a result of hidden sensitivities, or intolerances due to chronic and autoimmune illnesses.   

We help you identify and minimize their impact on your health!

Judgment Free Zone

Life gets in the way ALL THE TIME!  We need to learn how to eat in reality ... not a fantasy! 

Let's not forget those dishes that we can't live without! 

We strive to help you heal within the constraints of your life and activities.  That includes discovering strategies for managing symptoms and taking charge of your health so that you can still enjoy your favs!  This is YOUR life, YOUR health ... we offer health partnerships, not dictatorships.


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"Why aren't you here already? If you are trying to rekindle a relationship with food that doesn't feel like a bad episode of Jerry Springer, why aren't you already in the LK Family?  Bonni is bright, informative, helpful, and she's one of us.  She can help with food allergies and sensitivities because she deals with them.  Love to eat?  Want to enjoy food without regret? Same with Bonni?  This program is perfect for life at every level.  It's here. Why aren't you?"


"I started on Bonni's detox clean up plan [Nix Inflammation & Love food Again] 2.5 weeks ago and have lost over 11 pounds, my skin feels better, my brain seems clearer, and I am more confident.  Over 11 pounds in 2.5 weeks.  Call her now.  Her recipes are so yummy & filling! Call ..."


"Imagine having a friend who not only understands your belly but KNOWS how to help it feel better. Or a friend who takes food seriously, both as a way to nourish and to HEAL your body, AND loves to share amazing, real-food recipes. Or a friend who hears all the excuses and listens to the desires beneath them. No.... you don't need a grown-up imaginary friend. You just need Bonni and Living Kleen. Thanks to the love and no-BS support I’ve gotten, I have finally figured out what makes my belly ache, and what to do about it. Losing weight was just a bonus. Seriously, I love food again. But I love Bonni more."

Kim M.

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